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Nov. 12th, 2007 | 05:54 pm
mood: pensivepensive
music: belle and sebastian ~ piazza, new york catcher

The more I learn... the more I realize how much I really don't know.

This applies to academics, world news, and even my closest relationships.


Longing for home a little bit right now... I guess if I weren't longing for it, it wouldn't be home anymore.


I'm trying to figure out what I want out of this life. Would it be too trivial to say that all I want is to live and be happy? I'm not talking about that overhyped happiness you get from receiving the best gifts at Christmas or from getting the job of your dreams... rather, that subtle happiness that comes from just living and being.

If that's the case, I think I'm well on my way. Now it's my turn to make sure you get on your way too.

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